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Load faster, smarter and safer with the TRU-DOCK™
range of systems.

TRU-LEVEL™ Dock Leveller

The TRU-LEVEL™ system is a hydraulic dock leveller for a variety of loading configurations and requirements. A high-quality, low-maintenance dock levelling system, TRU-LEVEL™ Dock Leveller is designed to operate with the widest possible range of truck designs. The TRU-LEVEL™ Dock Leveller is stronger and requires less maintenance than other brands, while featuring a variety of innovative safety features, including: full range toe guards, floating platforms and loading bumpers – all as standard. Extra-long levellers and heavy-duty dock frames are also available. Extremely durable with push-button ease-of-use, the TRU-LEVEL™ system is designed to speed loading, protect personnel and increase productivity.


TRU-LEVEL™ Edge of Dock Leveller

The TRU-LEVEL™ Edge of Dock Leveller is a manual unit that can be used for a variety of loading configurations and requirements. A high-quality, low maintenance dock levelling system, TRU-LEVEL™ Edge of Dock Leveller is designed to operate in situation where an existing loading bay has no system and can easily be retro fitted. Extremely durable with spring assist for ease of use, the TRU-LEVEL™ system is designed to speed up loading, protect personnel and increase productivity.


TRU-LEVEL™ Vertical Dock Leveller

The Vertical Dock Leveller takes TRU-LEVEL™ innovations and applies them to an upright storage configuration. A hydraulic dock leveller for a variety of loading configurations and requirements, the TRU-LEVEL™ Vertical Dock Leveller is designed for situations that require a loading platform that can be retracted upright. Ideal for coldstores, a Vertical Leveller allows thermal doors to achieve the strongest possible seal to the outside environment. Extremely durable and easy to maintain, the TRU-LEVEL™ Vertical Dock Leveller system includes safety stand, high-tensile front lip and loading bumpers as standard.


TRU-LEVEL™ Container Dock Leveller

The TRU-LEVEL™ Container Dock Leveller is a hydraulic dock leveller designed specifically for loading shipping containers while still on the truck. Incorporating TRU-LEVEL™ durability and quality, the Container Dock Leveller brings push-button simplicity to receiving trailers with 20ft or 40ft containers. Rated to 11,000kg, the TRU-LEVEL™ Container Dock Leveller offers unmatched ease of access and increased loading/unloading turn-around to speed up your business.


TRU-DOCK™ Loading Pod Systems

TRU-DOCK™ Loading Pods consist of a revolutionary range of integrated systems for high volume container loading. Leading-edge solutions to increase productivity and safety performance, TRU-DOCK™ Loading Pods are designed for unparalleled ease-of-access, high turn-around and complete environmental control for all container types. The TRU-DOCK™ Loading Pod System brings a range of impressive innovations together giving an all-weather loading environment with a high level of safety and biosecurity. The options include basic operator controls or fully automated PLC controls with a touch screen HMI, a hydraulic 15000kg rated dock leveller, as well as a variety of door options and configurations.


TRU-DOCK™ Dock Accessories

TRU-DOCK™ Dock Accessories complement the range of TRU-DOCK™ Loading Dock Equipment. These are designed to protect loading areas, increase safety and improve loading area efficiencies. TRU-DOCK™ Dock Bumpers protect dock areas and prevent costly truck collision damage. Control systems using traffic lights to control dock traffic can increase the safety of your dock area with better communication. TRU-DOCK™ Loading Dock Frames are a simple 'retrofit' option for upgrading existing loading docks with a TRU-LEVEL™ Hydraulic Leveller. Contact us today for help with designing an efficient loading dock an also check out our range of TRU-GARD™ Safety Products to improve safety at your loading dock.


TRU-SEAL™ Inflatable Dock Seal

Seal your loading environment and save on energy at the flick of a switch with a TRU-SEAL™ Inflatable Dock Seal system. TRU-SEAL™ is one of the most effective and reliable dock seal systems available, providing an inflatable air bag system that suits a wide range of truck sizes. Extremely robust, theTRU-SEAL™is designed for tough use, while the simple fan-driven system drastically reduces energy loss from temperature controlled environments and protects against weather, dust, insects and more. Designed to be reliable, easy to use and personnel safe, the TRU-SEAL™ Inflatable Dock Seal is the last word in dock environment control.


TRU-SEAL™ Dock Shelter

The TRU-SEAL™ Dock Shelter is a heavy-duty PVC cover for simple dock environmental control. Designed to receive a large range of truck sizes, the TRU-SEAL™ Dock Shelter provides a flexible shield between loading dock and vehicle, giving protection from the weather. Made from tear-resistant PVC, the TRU-SEAL™ system is hard-wearing and highly cost-effective. Proven across New Zealand, the TRU-SEAL™ Dock Shelter delivers the highest degree of environmental control for the price.