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TRU-BILT® is a world-class designer, manufacturer and supplier of door, dock and safety systems. Based in Dunedin, New Zealand, TRU-BILT®  has been delivering innovative solutions to industry since 1993.

Latest News

  • TBI - a great place to work!

    Posted on 27/09/2018 by Tru-Bilt Industries

    Tru-Bilt Industries has an absolutely awesome workforce that we couldn't do without. As a responsible employer, we like to look after them in return, ensuring they're healthy, happy and fit for the job. Well done Paul Taylor for arranging the Staff Warrant of Fitness this week, and our gratitude to Staysafe Occupational Health...

  • Tru-Gard Bollards are now CERTIFIED against impact!

    Posted on 19/09/2018 by Tru-Bilt Industries

    Breaking News!  Tru-Gard Bollards have now achieved the same certification level as Tru-Gard Barrier and are compliant with structural design standard AS/NZS 1170.1 Section 3.8. This means that you can rely on the performance of Tru-Gard Bollards for 30kN (3000kg) impact at a height of 0.5m above ground level. Check...

  • New models of Tru-Level™ Hydraulic Dock Leveller out now!

    Posted on 23/05/2018 by Tru-Bilt Industries

    From the Tru-Dock™ range, we're very proud to present our new model of Tru-Level™ hydraulic dock leveller.  Available in two sizes*, this dock levelling system conforms with CE European Certification EN1398 and operates efficiently with the widest possible range of truck designs. Extremely durable with push-button ease-of-use, the Tru-Level™ hydraulic dock...

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